Junior Inspection Coordinator

  • 250 000 - 350 000 KZT
  • StamGazStroy LLP
  • Атырау

Инженерное дело, Строительство, Производство, Контроль качества, Управление проектами и планирование, Инженерный Дизайн

  • 250 000 - 350 000 KZT
  • StamGazStroy LLP
  • Атырау

Junior Inspection Coordinator

Инженерное дело, Строительство, Производство, Контроль качества, Управление проектами и планирование, Инженерный Дизайн



  • Handle the Inspection and Expediting requests sent by the Company’s Clients
  • Source qualified inspectors for the specific assignments by location, experience and availability
  • Maintain contact with the vendors and review any Client concern or actions required
  • Prepare/issue Contracts and Job Assignments for freelance inspectors using the tolls and Master formats available
  • Coordinate the Inspection/Expediting activities with the Company, the Supplier and the Inspection personnel.
  • Arrange the inspection visit with the Inspector and all potential attendees upon receipt of the Vendor Inspection Notification
  • Instruct field personnel on proper use of client forms.
  • Serve as focal point for all Inspections related matters within assigned projects or business units, deferring to the assigned Inspection Coordinator for technical support.
  • Ensure that the Inspectors have the appropriate documentation and have been briefed by the Package Manager
  • Ensure timely submittal of Inspection Reports (IR) and Expediting Reports (ER) from the assigned Inspection personnel.
  • Review and approve Inspection Reports for compliance to scope of Inspection / Expediting; file and distribute to designated Project Team members.
  • Maintain Project Inspection Reports, Release note and Non-Conformance Report (NCR) Registers.
  • Ensure that ITPs are properly implemented and marked-up by the Inspectors
  • Acquire, review and distribute Inspection Reports and inspection release certificates (IRC)
  • Ensure that Non Conformance Reports (NCR) and Outstanding Work Lists (OWL) are closed prior to shipment
  • Audit inspector reports and timesheets for accuracy
  • Follows-up regularly with clients and inspectors to ensure assignment /job performance satisfaction
  • Review the third party supplier expenditures, maintain timesheet/invoice records. Reconcile the third party supplier invoices & timesheets against contract.
  • Prepare/issue reports as requested by Client/Company Managers.
  • Populate the Company software (Amis) as required
  • Review Clients Work Orders and Change Orders for completeness and proper signatures.
  • Send/receive Acts, invoices to/from the clients
  • Track Contract invoices and liaise with Dept. staff, accounting and Client to clear issues.

QUALIFICATIONS - should have the following skills:

Technical Qualifications:

  • University Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma or equivalent background.
  • 2 years proven work experience in Oil & Gas Environment – Quality Department.

Non-Technical skills:

  • Fluent English
  • Good team-working abilities.
  • Excellent Organizational skills.
  • Financial Awareness.
  • Strong Analytical Skills.
  • Multitasking capabilities.

IT Skills:

  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft office applications


  • How to communicate effectively - verbally and written;
  • How to develop and maintain positive relationships with peers, supervisors, colleagues;
  • How to use databases for implementation of work process;

Is responsible for:

  • Fulfillment of job functions and assigned duties within the limits determined by the RoK labor legislation;
  • Management of Company Assets in a responsible manner, maintaining capital stewardship awareness in all decisions and provide justification;
  • Behaving in accordance to Company Policy and Procedures;
  • Management of Time and Resources;
  • Maintaining a safe working environment, complying with all safety rules and regulations, always conducting one's self in a safe manner.