Power & Control Lead | Tengiz 28/28

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Fircroft Engineering Services Limited
  • Атырау

Инженерное дело, Строительство, Производство, Контроль качества, Управление проектами и планирование, Инженерный Дизайн

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Fircroft Engineering Services Limited
  • Атырау

Power & Control Lead | Tengiz 28/28

Инженерное дело, Строительство, Производство, Контроль качества, Управление проектами и планирование, Инженерный Дизайн


Dear All,

We are looking for Power & Control Lead, Tengiz 28/28 (second stage of interview will be in Atyrau - Face to Face)

  • This position will interface with Power and Control Operations, Maintenance, Systems Completion, Quality Control, Information Management, Regulatory Affairs and other teams to verify the completion of Project and Operations Deliverables to provide assurance that the facility is ready for Operations Acceptance and Transition to project.
  • The duties include to define, align and implement the delivery validation work processes for deliverables needed to Safely Own and Operate the facility.
  • The P&C Lead will be responsible for completing all work related to the validation of Project Handover Deliverables for Power and Control Operations Acceptance and Handover Packages in CMS.
  • He/she will develop the delivery work processes for the verification of Handover deliverables to support a smooth Turnover to Operations.
  • Interface and work with all responsible parties to ensure the Project deliverables are complete and received for sub-systems / systems at the point of Turnover to Operations.

Power & Control Lead should have the following skills:

Technical Qualifications:

  • University Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma
  • Level of English – Upper-intermediate
  • 7 – 10 years proven work experience in Oil & Gas Environment – in the Project Environment / Lifecycle,
    especially Major Capital Projects (MCP).
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant specifications, codes and appropriate safety criteria, Oil& Gas Facilities
    Maintenance practices and procedures.
  • Practical experience working with contractors in activities associated with oil & gas equipment.
  • Previous experience in commissioning and / or start-up areas is desirable.
  • Proven experience in the management and use of relationship databases and work flows.
  • Experience with Facility Acceptance requirements - in line with RoK regulations.
  • Technical evaluation of Regulatory compliance issues as related to the Operations Readiness to Start-up.

Non-Technical skills:

  • Application of leadership skills.
  • Good team-working abilities. Must be able to influence others to achieve goals.
  • Excellent Organizational skills.
  • Financial Awareness.
  • Strong Technical / Analytical Skills.
  • Self-Starter with multitasking capabilities.
  • Ability to work in and foster a strong team environment with minimal supervision.

IT Skills:

  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft office application (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio etc.)

The specific and or main responsibilities include to validate the completion status of Project and Operations Deliverables required for a safe Start-up of the systems/facilities but not limited to:

  • Systems Completion Deliverables (dossiers, quality records, keys, punch lists etc.)
  • Regulatory Affairs Deliverables (permits, certificates, passports etc.)
  • Operations and Maintenance (PSSRs, procedures, operating spares etc.)
  • Engineering & Other Deliverables (redlines, Vendor Key & Action documents etc.)
  • Lead the work scope to track and verify that Deliverables completion status obtained after construction and commissioning, validated and electronic files are received for Handover to project. Ensure project deliverables have been provided at Operations Acceptance for
  • Start-up of the Facility and handed over to project before Stable Production.
  • Responsible for the activities assigned to Project Deliverables validation scope related to Power & Control Areas.
  • Identify and understand the deliverables to tag and equipment / sub-system / system relationship.
  • Monitor the readiness status of sub-systems / systems and check the receipt of completion data / documents.
  • Identify and address any gaps associated with the deliverables’ completion verification for Operations Acceptance.
  • Assist to the relevant Project teams in defining and allocating the Project deliverables needed for Handover of Power & Control Areas.
  • Lead the Delivery P&C team and work closely to set up and populate P&C Handover Packages in CMS for Operations Acceptance and Transition to project organization.