Offsite Operator

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • ТОО "Kaz Project Operating"
  • Atyrau

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • ТОО "Kaz Project Operating"
  • Atyrau

Offsite Operator

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning



  • Appropriate education from a certified Technical School, College or University or other appropriate life Skills to offset Education requirements.
  • Knowledge of production operations in DCS, Fire & Gas Detection and Auto ESD/Blowdown systems.
  • Knowledge of process related principles and reference materials such as PID’s/Reference Documents.
  • Knowledge in the operation and maintenance of plant, machinery, instrumentation and associated systems and basic troubleshooting techniques
  • Knowledge of local and international codes and regulations regarding mechanical systems and equipment.
  • RoK Blue book certified (training and assessment will be provided if required).
  • RoK regulation/Certification for pressure vessels, boilers, lifting equipment and gas facilities are preferable (job holder will be responsible for safe operation of pressure vessels, boilers, gas etc).
  • Medical Certificate of Fitness.

Operator II:

  • Minimum 3 years experience in processing plant operations in upstream Onshore Oil and Gas Industry including a minimum practical 1 years experience as Operator Level III.
  • Expert in two of the areas of the Shipping and Storage Plants, including oil and gas fiscal metering systems on the oil and gas export pipelines.
  • Knowledge / experience of production operations for each specific relevant area, including but not limited to: oil tanks systems, export pumps systems, LPG treatment, LPG distribution and storage, liquid sulphur transportation, liquid sulphur storage, sulphur pouring system, oil and gas fiscal metering systems on the oil and gas export pipelines, flare systems, steam distribution system, fuel gas distribution system
  • Knowledge of onshore/offshore upstream Production Operations, oil and gas separation and treatment, sulphur recovery and tail gas treatment, gas/liquid transportation and related systems management.
  • Completed the JCP program for a Level II Operator

Required Competencies:

  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written, including the ability to and write reports
  • Team player with proactive approach to the decision making process
  • Ability to work in team environments, communicate, understand and work within the dynamics of a multi functional, multi cultural and multi location environment
  • Capacity to integrate himself in a multi-national and national staff
  • Analytical skills
  • HSE mindset and strong commitment to safety
  • Computer literate.
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English


  • Reporting to the Senior Offsite Operator and Plant Supervisor (Offsite) with regard to operations of relevant Offsite areas ensuring their functionality.
  • Maintaining continuous communication with relevant Control Room personnel.
  • Performing the required activities during start-up, shutdown and emergency according to the instructions of the relevant Senior Operator and the relevant Plant Supervisor.
  • Reporting feedback about the progress/completion status of the assigned tasks to the relevant Senior Operator.
  • Maintaining control of the process in accordance with regalement and Company procedures, the relevant Senior Operator and Plant Supervisor instructions.
  • Operating equipment, performing equipment switching and utilizing the appropriate procedure during the normal operation, shutdown, start up, isolation and de-isolation of any item in the relevant area of responsibility.
  • Checking the running & stand-by equipment/machinery condition (i.e. Compressors, Pumps, HVAC System, etc…) for any relevant and observable running features of rotating equipment (vibration, bearings external temperature, lubricating oil level, unusual noise etc.) and its start-up readiness if required, identifying possible anomalies.
  • Preparing/restating the relevant area of responsibility for the maintenance/after-maintenance of equipments, vessels, piping and machinery.
  • Verifying that all the activities are carried out accordingly to the Company PTW Procedure.
  • Maintaining approved operational documents, keeping equipment and inventory in the proper condition.
  • Servicing the working place, carrying out proper equipment and devices service, pumps lubrication, on-time detection of failures and their elimination; carrying out minor mechanical repairs.
  • Checking routinely for leakages from flanges/piping, instrumentation, machinery and equipment, identifying and reporting any anomalies to the relevant Senior Operator or Plant Supervisor.
  • Conducting checks/surveys in the relevant area of responsibility accordingly to the established frequency or when necessary, identifying and reporting possible anomalies.
  • Checking level/inventory of chemicals, consumables, etc and ensuring restoration to normal levels
  • Ensuring good housekeeping of the relevant specific area.
  • Understanding the principle of the crude oil storage and export facilities. Being fully aware of piping at Crude Oil Transport and Storage unit.
  • Understanding the principle of the LPG storage and transport facilities. Being fully aware of piping at LPG storage and transport unit.
  • Taking appropriate action in case of alarm and/or emergency following company procedures and supporting site instructions.


  • Atyrau city,  rotation 14/14.