Scheduler in Asset department (Dunga 28/28)

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Fircroft
  • Aktau

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Fircroft
  • Aktau

Scheduler in Asset department (Dunga 28/28)

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning


Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance Scheduler is responsible for the scheduling of all planned maintenance work performed by the available resources in Dunga asset.
  • It is essential that a balance between long-range as well as short-range scheduling is maintained and that regular analysis of backlog relative to available resources is carried out in order for a proactive maintenance environment to be established and sustained.
  • Maintenance Scheduler works on Continuous Improvement of work force productivity and work quality through the accurate scheduling of future planned work (i.e. 7/14 day & 90 day schedules) and the site-wide coordination of all available personnel and resources, including MOK, its Contractor and 3rd Party labor, plant and equipment.
  • Scheduler focused on effective utilization of these resources through the scheduling of all future planned maintenance activities thus minimizing overall maintenance costs.
  • Scheduler maintains liaison and coordination between the operational and maintenance personnel and their daily activities. Maintain appropriate records and files to permit meaningful analysis and reporting on results.

Identify and Prioritize Work:

  • Participate and facilitates the review of new notifications in the Daily Work Review (DWR) Meeting to ensure appropriate prioritisation and accurate data quality.
  • All emergency work notifications are to be managed by Maintenance Supervisors within the current weeks schedule wherever possible.
  • Maintenance Schedulers to recognise impact on 14 Day Schedule of emergency work.

Plan Work:

  • Perform maintenance planning duties as required to ensure that only fully prepared and planned work orders are contained within the 7/14 day Schedule.

Ensure that released work orders have:

  • No outstanding materials and services or those constraints, which will prevent their execution as per agreed schedule date.
  • This is aimed at achievement of the work orders Latest Allowed Finish Date (LAFD).
  • Work with P&L and Warehouse personnel to track delivery dates against the work order Earliest Start Date (ESD) and the LAFD to maximise Schedule compliance.
  • Work orders with unconfirmed delivery dates shall not be scheduled in the 14 Day Schedule.
  • In case of a known constraint to meet LAFD, initiate a Work Deferral process in order to manage potential operational risks and put additional mitigation controls in place until work completion.
  • Maintain a clear overview of the volume of prepared corrective maintenance backlog and prioritizing when to bring the work into the schedule for execution

Schedule Work:

  • Assist Aktau based Planner with the preparation of 52 Week and 90 Day Schedules for the asset. These schedules shall include scheduled Overhauls, Inspections, Plant/Unit Shutdowns, Backlog relief, PM’s, Calibration/Testing, Maintenance Replacement Projects
  • Update Integrated Activity Plan as per MOK IAP procedure requirements and role segregation agreed with Planner
  • Interact with other functional planners (Well Services, Projects, etc.) to optimize interrelated activities
  • Work closely with Planner and Supervisors to determine relative priority of resource constrained maintenance activities and ensure coordination of complex multi-discipline jobs.
  • Keep informed of available work center capacities, campaign and shutdown periods, and highlighting upcoming constraints to maintenance management in time to mitigate.
  • Maintain the integrity of the maintenance scheduling process through adherence to the 7/14 Day, 90 Day and 52
  • Week (120+ Days) Scheduling cycles and thus deliver the following outcomes.
  • Identify and communicate Commercial and Operational influences.
  • Identify and communicate resource requirements and resolve conflicts.
  • Provide work order co-ordination through timely publication of 14 Day Schedule to all involved teams and personnel.
  • Determine and communicate the impact of emergent work on planned activities and revise schedules if and when necessary.
  • Track progress of all activities against 7/14 Day Schedule.
  • Capture and collate KPI data (i.e. MWM Dashboard).
  • Maintain Work Center capacities in the work management system as per real manpower availability
  • Finalize schedules in conjunction with maintenance work preparers and supervisors to ensure that
  • Works are orderly scheduled in accordance with their priority and criticality the scheduled work balances with the man-hours available so that a full day’s work is provided to each person.
  • Issue the agreed 14 Day Schedule and get it signed by Site Management.
  • Maintain a list of planned work requiring equipment to be down, so that some or all can be performed in the event of an unscheduled outage or during a planned shutdown.

Execute Work:

  • On an everyday basis facilitate Yesterday Today Tomorrow (YTT) meeting chaired by Maintenance Supervisor in order to track the progress of works, manage break-ins and deferrals, and protect the frozen schedule in general.
  • Ensure rescheduling of WO in case work was postponed or “filled-in” in current frozen week schedule.
  • If work schedule is to be successfully accomplished then there is to be no direct involvement by the Maintenance Scheduler with daily execution of maintenance activities, emergency or urgent requests as these are the responsibility of the Maintenance Supervisor to resolve in the course of executing work as per the agreed 7/14 day Schedule.

Work Analysis:

  • Provides input/guidance/recommendations into the establishment and improvement of CMMS data (i.e. PM’s, Equipment, Materials, etc) through Z3 process
  • Executes regular reviews of backlog of planned work
  • Prepare regular reports for tracking of performance (KPI’s) against the agreed targets.
  • Utilizes Continual Improvement (CI) techniques and feedback from past scheduling to improve process

Safety Obligations:

  • As an employee Scheduler has a responsibility for his own and his colleagues’ safety, as the result he is expected to:
    • know and follow Company Commitments,
    • know and follow all Company HSE policies and procedures,
    • act in compliance with the Safety rules mentioned in the employee handbook,
    • drive an incident free environment by being a role model in all situations, also in the everyday routines,
    • contribute to development and execution of a safe work place by intervening when observing unsafe situations,
    • sharing ideas and near misses honestly and openly, show due regard for health, safety, security and environmental requirements,
  • Transportation is affecting all and attention shall be drawn toward safe behavior as passenger and/or driver.
  • He is obliged to follow the Operational Safety Procedure for Road Safety

The Maintenance Scheduler should possess the following qualities:

  • Experienced, well-respected planner and former craftsman, able to estimate labor and material requirements for jobs.
  • Self-motivated, results driven and a visionary type of person.
  • Ability to bring about order – from chaos.
  • Encourages, leads and motivates team members.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of maintenance processes and necessary levels of detail required to achieve results.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced with maintenance systems, documents, and drawings.
  • Good oral / written skills, able to express self well with all people, possesses tact
  • Excellent administrative skills, competent with range of systems (i.e. Accounting, Purchasing, Planning, Scheduling, etc).
  • Focused on achieving quality standards for all planning and scheduling activities performed.
  • Committed to personal development in both technical and managerial knowledge and skills.

Qualification requirements:

  • Higher professional or secondary technical education, work experience no less than 3 years;
  • MS Office, SAP PM & MM;
  • Knowledge of English is preferable (Upper- Intermediate level)
  • Primavera P6 & MS project is preferable


  • Dunga 28/28 (rotational)