Information Risk Management Manager (Only for Expats)

  • 500 000 + KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Web design

  • 500 000 + KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

Information Risk Management Manager (Only for Expats)

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Web design



  • The job holder must hold a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Information / Telecommunication Technologies, Cyber Security or Computer Science.
  • The job holder must have at least 10 years of experience in general IT & IM or related area, with at least 5-7 years of specific IT & IM function experience and at least 5 years on management role in complex environments.
  • The job holder must have proven experience (3-5 years) in Information Risk Management and related area
  • The job holder must have proven experience (3-5 years) in organizational change management in complex organizations.
  • CISM, CISSP, ISO2700x series certifications are an asset


  • Establishing Focus, Providing Motivational Support and Fostering Teamwork
  • Empowering and Developing Others, Managing Change & Performance
  • Attention to Communication
  • Oral, Written and Persuasive Communication
  • Interpersonal Awareness, Influencing Others and Building Collaborative Relationships
  • Customer Orientation
  • Diagnostic Information Gathering
  • Analytical, Forward, Conceptual and Strategic Thinking
  • Technical Expertise, Initiative and Fostering Innovation
  • Results Orientation, Thoroughness and Decisiveness
  • Self Confidence, Stress Management, Personal Credibility and Flexibility
  • Has good interpersonal skills and takes a methodical and systematic approach to work. Is able to communicate well in writing. Possesses good overall knowledge of the quality skill.
  • IT & IM Governance
  • Management of IT & IM
  • Financial and Contract Management for IT & IM
  • IT & IM Architecture & Technology
  • Business Analysis & Intelligence
  • Business & IT Change Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • IT&IM Portfolio Management
  • Information & Technical Security
  • Security Incidents & Digital Forensics
  • Business and IT&IM Risk Management
  • IT&IM Compliance & Assurance
  • IT&IM Service Delivery & Support
  • Service Level Management
  • IT&IM Service Integrity & Resilience


  • Designate, encourage and lead a team of professionals with focus on embedding the IT & IM Information Risk Management Framework in the IT & IM organization.
  • Ensure that reported personnel is adequately trained, coached and mentored to be capable to support key information risk management activities.

Planning, Decision Making, and Business Improvement:

  • Operates under broad direction exercising a considerable degree of independence
  • Determine strategic direction for the work area and align longer-term planning with company goals and objectives
  • Responsible for the achievement of own and team outcomes, monitor team progress and follow through to deliver quality outcomes
  • Make decisions that are based on professional judgment, evaluating risks and in the context of a complex and changing environment. Decisions have a high level of impact on the functional area and the potential to impact more broadly on company operations and externally
  • Work with a focus on research, analysis and judgment to manage complex issues. Oversee projects delivery as delegated or self-initiated.
  • Generate new ideas approaches and strategies. Implement change and business improvement strategies in the workplace
  • Required to undertake work that is very complex or sensitive
  • Carry out Contract Holder activities if / as required by nature of the work.
  • Relationships and Liaison:
  • Develop and manage a range of stakeholder relationships.
  • Engage and collaborate with key stakeholders to identify opportunities, achieve outcomes and facilitate cooperation
  • Represent and explain the views of the company at cross-agency meetings and other forums.
  • Interface with all the internal peers within IT&IM and across other functional responsibilities of IT/IM and directorate.
  • Engage with internal / external auditors for various compliance audits.


  • Atyrau, 5/2.