Project Engineer

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning

  • 350 000 - 500 000 KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

Project Engineer

Engineering, Engineering Design, Constructions, Manufacturing, QA/QC, Project Management and planning



·      A Bachelor degree in engineering

·      The candidate should be a project professional with 3 years’ experience

·      Have a personal interest and passion for developing project-engineering competencies

·      Ability to work in a production environment, representatives of different cultures

·      Strong drive, solution-oriented, customer-focused and can deal with multiple challenging interfaces

Required Competencies:

·      Fostering Teamwork: seeks opportunities to work on teams as a means to develop experience and knowledge

·      Managing Performance: takes action to develop skills needed for effectiveness in current or future job

·      Oral Communication: speaks clearly and can be easily understood

·      Written Communication: expresses ideas clearly and concisely in writing

·      Customer Satisfaction: lets customers know he/she is willing to work with them to meet their needs

·      Results Orientation: develops clear goals for meetings and projects

·      Self-Confidence: is confident of his own ability to accomplish goals

·      Personal Credibility: carries his/her fair share of the workload

·      Good interpersonal & communication skills.


·      Coordinate delivery of the plant changes in accordance with RoK and Company codes and standards, to time and to budget, and to meet the business needs in terms of capacity, operability, maintainability, and reliability

·      Coordinate obtainment of all necessary permits, consents, and licenses to engineer, procure and construct the facilities are obtained

·      Track and report on project performance, costs, and progress

·      Coordinate the Execute phase in the delivery of modifications and projects i.e. taking the job from project specification through detailed design, procurement, construction and pre-commissioning to hand-over to Operations

·      Progress the production projects to plan cost and schedule

·      Support the wider goals and objectives of the projects delivery team

·      Coordinate and control change in scope, cost, and schedule

·      Support the Define & Select phase in the delivery of modifications and projects. This will primarily involve developing the Project Execution Plan, cost estimate and obtaining budget approval based on the Project Specification. This requires an effective interface with the Front-End Engineering and Discipline Engineering teams

·      Coordinate design, engineer, construct and commission modifications and projects to appropriate technical standards or RoK mandatory standards

·      Record and communicate learning across different phases of the project and the venture

·      Contribute to production projects business improvement strategies and reviews

·      Participate in weekly meetings and monthly performance reviews of plant changes

·      Under supervision, performs work that is varied and that may be somewhat difficult in character, but usually involves limited responsibilities

·      Some evaluation, originality or ingenuity is required.


·      Atyrau, 5/2.