IT On-Site Support Engineer

  • 250 000 - 350 000 KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Web design

  • 250 000 - 350 000 KZT
  • Kaz Project Operating
  • Atyrau

IT On-Site Support Engineer

Information Technology, Telecommunications, Web design



  • Higher professional (technical or engineering-economical) education
  • At least 3 years of experience in IT services, working in complex IT environment on engineer or senior engineer roles

Required Competences:


  • ITIL-processes knowledge: Able to articulate the vision for the IT processes used in work: Change Management, Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Asset & Configuration Management;
  • EUC equipment: Able to install and maintain equipment, provide diagnosis of hardware problems;
  • Network and Infrastructure: Able to identify and provide initial diagnosis of network connection issues by using troubleshooting utilities. Has knowledge of server environment, e.g. virtualization, backup systems, etc.
  • Microsoft products and technologies: Has knowledge of software products e.g. Operating system, Office suites, Server family, tools: MS Active Directory and Exchange tasks management;
  • Third-party software: Knowledge of installation and troubleshooting of office environment applications;


  • Initiative and Creativity - Plan work and carry out tasks without detailed instructions; make constructive suggestions; prepare for problems or opportunities in advance; undertake additional responsibilities; respond to situations as they arise with minimal supervision; create novel solutions to problems; evaluate new technology as potential solutions to existing problems. Able to challenge conventional practices; adapt established methods for new uses; pursue ongoing system improvement;
  • Problem Solving - Anticipate problems; weigh alternatives against objectives and arrive at reasonable decisions; adapt well to changing priorities, put deadlines and directions; work to eliminate all processes which do not add value; recognize and accurately evaluate the signs of a problem; analyze current procedures for possible improvements;
  • Communication - Write and speak effectively, using conventions proper to the situation; exercise a professional approach with others using all appropriate tools of communication; use consideration and tact when offering opinions.
  • Cooperation/Teamwork - Help to set a tone of cooperation within the work group and across groups; coordinate own work with others; seek opinions; value working relationships; when appropriate facilitate discussion before decision-making process is complete.
  • Customer Service - Listen and respond effectively to customer questions; resolve customer problems to the customer’s satisfaction; respect all internal and external customers; use a team approach when dealing with customers; follow up to evaluate customer satisfaction; measure customer satisfaction effectively; commit to exceeding customer expectations.
  • Communication - Demonstrate openness and honesty; state own opinions clearly and concisely; listen well during meetings and feedback sessions; explain reasoning behind own opinions; ask others for their opinions and feedback; ask questions to ensure understanding;
  • Cooperation/Teamwork - Work harmoniously with others to get a job done; respond positively to instructions and procedures; able to work well with staff, co-workers, peers and managers; share critical information with everyone involved in a project or task; work effectively on projects that cross functional lines;
  • Flexibility - Remain open-minded and change opinions on the basis of new information; perform a wide variety of tasks and change focus quickly as demands change; manage transitions from task to task effectively; adapt to varying customer needs.
  • Self-development - Work to improve the performance of him/herself by pursuing opportunities for continuous learning/constructive feedback; exhibit a “can-do” approach and inspires associates to excel;
  • Job Knowledge/Technical Knowledge - Demonstrate knowledge of techniques, skills, equipment, procedures and materials. Apply knowledge to identify issues and internal problems; work to develop additional technical knowledge and skills.
  • Problem Solving - Anticipate problems; see how a problem and its solution will affect other units; gather information before making decisions; is willing to take action, even under pressure, criticism or tight deadlines; take informed risks; notify supervisor of problems in a timely manner.
  • Results Orientation - Consistently deliver required business results, sets and achieve goals. Consistently comply with quality, service and productivity standards and meet deadlines, maintain focus on goals.
  • Good communication skills (English, Russian, Kazakh languages).


  • Provide IT On-Site Support services aligned with business processes and the IT Service Delivery strategy taking into account costs, opportunity and sustainability.
  • Provide IT services with focus on customer support and a strong steer on performance of service delivery and customer satisfaction for the various service audiences, e.g. VIPs, management, professionals, administrative and technical user bases.
  • Support optimization of IT processes and IT resourcing within area of responsibilities for long term of IT in support of Kashagan Petroleum Operations adopting where practical world-wide best practices and international standards.
  • Maintain business satisfaction and confidence in IT through effective and efficient delivery and support of agreed IT services. Minimize the impact of the service outages in day-to-day business activities. Enhance business perception of IT through use of professional approach in quickly resolving and communicating incidents and requests
  • Continual improvement of services and justification for improvement investments through analysis of operational results and data. Ensure IT policy goals and objectives are met through IT processes and standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt response, analysis, documentation, reporting.
  • Review, analyze, prioritize and make recommendations to Line manager (and/or to Functional reporting manager where applicable) on improvement opportunities in IT Service Delivery, ensure applicable quality management methods are used in delivery of IT services.
  • Establish, enforce and maintain work processes to promote consistency with various IT policies and procedures, OLA and SLA agreements.
  • Develop and provide various departmental reports on services provided by team.
  • Assist in planning, organization and control the operation of team.
  • Organize own activities in an effective and efficient way proposing process improvements, development of necessary procedures and templates, and initiating communication with users.
  • Organize efficient planning of activities in order to deliver services in line with agreed KPIs and SLAs.
  • Provide assistance to Line manager (and/or to Functional reporting manager where applicable) in maintaining the policies and procedure up to date in respect of the evolution of the business needs.
  • Involve in all engagements with business functions on all matters related to provision of IT services, assist in conducting site surveys for purpose of business demand analysis.
  • Perform communication and activities for the other IT processes (e.g. Release notifications, Change Management, Service Level Management reports, Situation Management).
  • Able to perform extra tasks such as backup and restore from digital media devices, network monitoring of IT systems, administration of RSA, Print & Digital sending, and Windows installation services, etc.
  • Provide regular diagnostics of IT equipment keep a report on the operating conditions and take actions to mitigate IT equipment failure risks to business continuity. Identify the need for planned or unplanned maintenance of IT equipment and organize necessary activities for removal, temporary replacement (if required), packaging, sending to and accepting back from the maintenance provider, testing, returning to location, and ensuring proper maintenance documentation.
  • Receive calls and emails with customers’ queries: Incidents and Requests tickets, follow Incidents resolution or requests fulfillment as per defined processes, resolve incidents or search for work around, escalate and route unresolved incidents to relevant support teams, and work together to restore normal IT service operations as quickly as possible. Update the customer and IT group on progress, close tickets with customer and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Perform maintenance and registration of all active and passive IT equipment, storing, allocating and re-locating with proper documentation produced. Actively participate during annual IT equipment inventory control.
  • Ensure availability of an agreed level of IT equipment supplies for immediate user needs, and provide proper control and storage of supplies.
  • Follow standard procedures to update incident log, documenting necessary details in a central repository, progress checking, and ensuring that diagnostic information is provided for error resolution and incident analysis.
  • Assist customers to make more effective use of desktop services, products and systems, by making diagnosis of problems and advising on known solutions where applicable.
  • Perform Installation and configuration of IT equipment, operating systems and applications. Provide support to customers using remote management tools, either face to face or over the telephone. Troubleshoot system problems and solving hardware or software faults, report on re-occurring technical issues, arrange root course analysis and find long term solutions for them.
  • Actively participate in testing and evaluating new technologies.
  • Clearly understand and follow security, HSSE and other compliance regulations, asset and change management and other IT processes and procedures.
  • Perform checks of contractor’s invoices, endorsement of acts of work done, delivery notes and further processing of these documents.
  • Carry out other tasks as instructed by Line manager (and/or Functional reporting manager where applicable) within assigned area of responsibility and professional qualification.
  • The role interfaces with all the internal peers within IT&IM and across other functional responsibilities of IT&IM.
  • Provide regular diagnostics of IT equipment used for Emergency Support services, supporting Corporate Emergency Response and Crisis Management teams’ functions and facilities and including BCP (Business Continuity Plan) equipment. Keep a report on the operating conditions and take actions to mitigate IT equipment failure risks to business continuity. Identify the need for planned or unplanned maintenance of IT equipment and organize necessary activities for removal, temporary replacement (if required), packaging, sending to and accepting back from the maintenance provider, testing, returning to location, and ensuring proper maintenance documentation.


  • Atyrau city, 5/2.